Aaaah this was actually a request made by anon and this literally took me a full week just to finish (blargh school work is catching up with me)
um heres the song if you want it:
The song is really long so I just did the chorus and I guess I might continue it but idk I want you guys to decide.
This is mostly based off almost all Skylox fics that I have read and yeah.
I actually had a lot of fun making this and I’d like to thank the anon(whoever you are) who introduced me to this song and asking me to make this.
So yeah. Once again, if you guys want me to complete the whole song just tell me and maybe I’ll consider it. TY!

P.S. can I ask you guys a favor and please not tag the skydoesminecraft tag or the deadlox tag if you reblog it and I know most of you already know this but there are still some people who do so (am I the only one who checks out every blog that reblogs any of my artworks or posts?)